Mars Valley

Le Falgoux
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Sculpted by the meeting of fire and ice... one of the most beautiful valleys in the Cantal ...

The Mars river springs forth from the glacial cirque of Le Falgoux, surrounded by the Suc du Gros, the Puy de la Tourte, the Puy Mary (1783m), the Roche Taillade and the Roc des Ombres.

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful valleys in the Cantal, sculpted by the meeting of fire and ice and now home to some very special environments! Beech-fir forests are ubiquitous on the valley slopes, they are home to some of its richest flora and fauna... The mysterious and fascinating peat bogs, home to carnivorous plants and mosses typical of wetlands, stand side by side with the mountain ridge grasslands, home to the Salers cow and the Great Yellow Gentian.

Mankind has left its mark here, not only through the transhumance route, but also all along the Mars river, building mills and sawmills to harness the power of the torrent's waters.

At the Biaguin waterfall, the Mars river gets off to a dynamic start with a succession of waterfalls. The most spectacular is protected by a railing and is very popular with canyoning enthusiasts.

Popular hiking trails include "Le Mars" (12km-3hrs 30mins) and "Les Saguisses" (6km-2hrs), starting from Le Falgoux. Leaving from St-Vincent-de-Salers "Le Bois du Vaulmier" (10km-3h45). ASPECT also helps to maintain other hiking trails, and organises a number of summer events to promote the valley.

As far as fishing is concerned, access is relatively easy from all points. This watercourse has been under heritage management for 15 years (selective fishing ground on the Mars at Anglards-de-Salers).

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15140, Le Falgoux