Coopéerative Saint-Bonnet-de-Salers

Our cheeses :

Tell the difference between : 

-    the CANTAL cheese : made with pasteurized or unpasteurized milk, all year long.
According to three periods of maturing, we obtain :
•    The "mild" Cantal : aging from 30 to 60 days,
•    The "mature" Cantal : aging from minimum 90 days to 210 days, 
•    The "aged" Cantal : aging from minimum 240 days.

-    the SALERS cheese : It is an unpasteurized cheese, made since April 15th to November 15th when cows graze on fields (grass and plants giving the different tastes to the cheese), put in a cellar at least 3 months.

-    the SALERS TRADITION cheese : It is a Salers cheese only made with milk coming from Salers cows. The sign of recognition is "Tradition Salers". 

The "Truffade"

The name of this emblematic dish comes from « trufada » meaning "potatoe" in dialect. It is one of the Cantal specialities. The "truffade" is composed of potatoes cooked with tome. The "tome" is the first stage of the Salers or Cantal cheese.

 The herdmen working several mounths in our mountains  were used to eat potatoes, food with a good prerservation and largely cultivated in France during the 19th century . One of them probably had the idea of adding "young" cheese they made to the potatoes...