High valley of the Dordogne

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The very name Dordogne is mythical. The river stems from 2 streams, La Dore and La Dogne in the Puy de Dôme department.

It eventually joins La Garonne river and forms La Gironde estuary after a course of 483 km. Its bed takes it West of the Cantal, winding its way through wild gorge and woodland with scattered rocks here and there : Rocher de Chabane near Arches, Rocher de l'Aigle near Chalvignac. The flow of the Dordogne is halted by a few dams, such as Barrage de l'Aigle. The scenery is breathtaking with a wealth of wild flowers and animals and a wide variety of birds such as red kite, black kite, peregrine falcon, booted eagle and buzzard.


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15200, Chalvignac