From the Doire to the Bertrande - 90km

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Explore the Doire Valley and the Bertrande Valley. Take to the heights at the Col de Légal and contemplate history in front of the castles of Anjony and Saint-Chamant !

At the entrance of the Bertrande valley, the village church contains wooden stalls dating from the 15th century and a wooden polychrome statuette.
Castle and chapterhouse (pages 12 and 17).
• Drive on the D42 towards Saint-Projet-de-Salers.

This little village offers you a typical mountain-style architecture and a church with a beautiful steeple.
• When you get to the place called "Saint Georges", go up to the top to admire the view across the Cantal Mountains and the Black Woods (Bois Noirs). Retrace your steps and take the D 35.

1231 m high, from there you will see the main summits of the Cantal : Puy Violent (1592 m), Puy Mary (1787 m), Puy Chavaroche (1739 m)... Enjoy the calm as you stroll along a cross-country ski slope or walk up the mountains to the Cabrespine refuge (about 1h30 return trip).
• Follow the D 35 to the Bruel, then the D 60 to Tournemire.

Classified among the Most Beautiful Villages in France, take your time to visit this superb location. You will discover the Anjony castle (page 12) and a spectacular church.
• Follow the direction of the Col de Fontbulin, then drive on the D922 towards Saint-Cernin.

You will be able to admire a very nice little Romanesque church from the 12th century.
• Return to your starting place and follow the D922 in the direction of Saint Cernin.

Visit the church and see the panellings, the stalls and the Virgin with the Annunciation Angel from the 15th century then admire the panorama of the Cantal mountains before visiting the Cambon Castle (page 12).
• Follow the D160 towards Freix-Anglards.

Village with remarkable architecture enhanced by recent restoration. Beautiful stained-glass windows in the church.
• Follow the D6 towards Saint-Illide.

In the church of this little village you will discover stalls from the 15th century and a charming gothic chapel in Albart.
• Follow the D6 towards Saint-Martin-Cantalès.

You will discover one of the most beautiful church porches dating from the Romanesque school, as well as crosses from the 12th, 14th and 19th centuries.
Take the D42 and you will arrive at the Gorge of the Bertrande river and the Rouffet bridge.
• Go back to Saint-Martin, then take the direction of Besse on the D342.

From this plateau you will have a beautiful view of the Cantal Mountains. You will be able to admire the little church and a Sully’s tree situated on the square.
• Aim towards the D922 via the D42, in the direction of Saint-Cernin, turn right to l’Hôpital.

Although it is private you will see a very well restored old Commanderie.
• Go back to the D922, take the direction towards Saint-Cernin and then towards Saint-Cirgues on the D142.

Visit the beautiful Romanesque church with murals situated in this picturesque site.


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