Petites Randonnées sur le Pays de Salers

The Pays de Salers Community of Communes has a network of hiking trails that consists of 34 trails, totaling nearly 300 km maintained each year.

Signposted in yellow, green or blue, these circuits of about ten kilometers on average will allow you to discover the municipalities of our territory, their rich heritage through the beauty of their landscapes.

The hike sheets of these trails are available in the reception points of the Pays de Salers tourist office at a unit price of € 0.50. They are also downloadable for free on this page (see below).

Pleaux and surroundings

13 trails from 6 to 12 km
In the heart of Xaintrie, transition region between the Cantal Mountains and the Plateaux of Limousin, discover the country of Pleaux: charm of a green countryside protected by many castles, mystery of picturesque gorges now domesticated by dams.


City Trail Level length Time Sheet
Ally "Le Puy Soutro" Average 12 km 4h00 Download
Brageac "Le trou du Loup" Hard 11 km 4h00 Download
Chaussenac "Les Tilleuls" Average 10 km 3h00 Download
Escorailles "Le Château de La Vigne" Easy 6 km 2h00 Download
Loupiac "Le Château de Branzac" Hard 7 km 2h00 Download
Pleaux "Nozières" Average 11 km 3h00 Download
Pleaux "La Croix de Millet" Average 6 km 2h00 Download
Pleaux "Les Côtes de Jibanel" Average 11 km 2h30 Download



"Le Puy Bouval" Easy 11 km 2h45 Download


"Longairoux" Average 6 km 2h00 Download



"Notre-Dame du Château" Average 9 km 2h00 Download
Tourniac "Bois de Tarrieu" Easy 7 km 2h00 Download
Tourniac "Le Pestre" Hard 10 km 3h00 Download


Saint-Cernin and surroundings

7 trails from 7 to 14 km
The valley of the Dora, a river that is born in the middle of the summer pastures of Cantal, meanders in the wild gorges and plunges into a lake of dam. A vagabond and capricious river, conclude! Think again, she is under the supervision of one of the most beautiful castle in the region.


City Trail Level Length Time Sheet
Besse "Besse" Easy 7 km 1h45 Download
Freix-Anglards "La Croix Haute" Average 7 km 1h45 Download
Saint-Cernin "Anjoigny" Hard 14 km 4h00 Download
Saint-Cernin "Col de Fontbulin" Hard 12 km 3h45 Download
Saint-Illide "Le Bruel" Easy 7 km 1h45 Download
Saint-Illide "Le Rocher du Rouffet" Average 9 km 3h00 Download



"Le Puy de Girgols" Hard 12 km 4h00 Download


Salers and surroundings

13 trails from 2 to 14 km
In the heart of the Massif Cantalien, flourishes the country of Salers. Violence of relief from the work of volcanoes and glaciers but green pastures, cradle of the local breed and cheese, tumultuous streams but rich heritage, land of contrast, a must.


City Trail Level Length Time Sheet
Anglards-de-Salers "Anglards-de-Salers" Easy 4 km 1h15 Download
Fontanges "En Val d'Aspre" Hard 10 km 4h00 Download
Le Falgoux "Le Mars" Average 12 km 3h30 Download
Le Falgoux "Les Saguisses" Easy 6 km 2h00 Download
Le Fau "La Roche" Hard 7 km 2h00 Download
Saint-Bonnet-de-Salers* "Saint-Bonnet-de-Salers" Average 8 km 3h00 Download
Saint-Chamant "La Bertrande" Average 8 km 2h30 Download
Saint-Martin-Valmeroux "En suivant la Maronne" Average 13 km 3h30 Download
Saint-Martin-Valmeroux "Sur la route de Salers" Hard 14 km 4h30 Download
Saint-Projet-de-Salers "Saint-projet-de-Salers" Average 9 km 3h00 Download


Le Vaulmier

"Le bois du Vaulmier" Easy 10 km 3h00 Download
Salers "La Montagnoune" Easy 4 km 1h15 Download
Salers "La Maison de la Salers" Easy 2 km 0h45 Download

* Warning ! Route modified until May 1, 2018. Do not follow the markings from point 3 but the instructions of the form.


Sentiers d'Interprétation de Récusset

Afin de valoriser cet Espace Naturel Sensible, deux sentiers d’interprétation sont à votre disposition sur le site du cirque de Récusset.
Le sentier « Sur les pentes du pré dansant » vous propose un circuit de découverte des milieux du cirque de Récusset. Des boîtes noires photographiques, en hommage à l’Abbé Gély, figure locale qui photographia cette vallée au XIXème siècle, permettent de découvrir la biodiversité locale.
« Le sentier du Petit Pâtre » invite à la découverte de l’histoire du gardiTo enhance this Sensitive Natural Area, two interpretive trails are available on the site of the Récusset circus.
The trail "On the slopes of the meadow" offers a circuit to discover the circles of the Récusset circus. Photographic black boxes, in tribute to Abbé Gély, local figure who photographed this valley in the nineteenth century, can discover the local biodiversity.
"The Petit Pâtre trail" invites you to discover the history of the guarding of the flocks at Récusset and the herds of the site. It is decorated with black silhouettes reminiscent of the buronniers of the past, paying homage to these men from the mountains.
ennage des troupeaux à Récusset et des troupeaux du site. Il est aménagé de silhouettes noires évoquant celle des buronniers d’autrefois, rendant hommage à ces hommes de la montagne.


Trail Length Marking Sheet
Le Petit Pâtre 4,5 km Blue Download
Le Pré Dansant 5 km BleuBlue Download