Distance : 90km

SAINTE EULALIE                               

Where you can admire a charming Romanesque church.

• Take the road D37 going to Saint-Martin-Valmeroux



You will discover a natural water spring in direction to Nozières, an old market hall situated on the square, as well as a nice gothic church from the 15th century (porch, stalls, lectern, thorn shooter, sculptures).

Near the village, you can admire different panoramas on the valley (Rocher de la Vierge, la Croix Jalenques).

• Take the D37 in the direction of Salers, then the D537 in Salles towards Saint Rémy.



The little church is worth the trip : porch dated from the 12th century, the Christ in glory, mural.

• Come back to Salles and follow the direction Fontanges.



In this little village with a traditional architecture situated in a valley, you will be able to discover a monolithic chapel, a remarkable church of the 15th century as well as a pleasant esplanade on the banks of the Aspre river.

• Take the D135 in the direction of Saint Chamant, then turn towards Puy Basset. You will arrive to col Saint Georges from where you will admire the castle of Seilhol, the Cantal mountains and  the Black Woods (les Bois Noirs). Follow the D42 towards Le Fau



Little village situated at the bottom of the mountains. You will discover the natural spring of la Bastide.

• Follow the D135 towards Fontanges, then take the direction of Salers by the D35. Turn right towards Saint Paul de Salers.



You will discover a beautiful Virgin on its rock as well as a nice church (lectern from the 16th century, apse, pieta, polychrome pulpit from the 16th century).

Carry on to the Puy Violent crossing Le Vielmur. Leave your car on the parking place and walk to the top (45 min. round trip).

• Come back to the village and take the D37, you will arrive to the Col de Néronne (1241 m). Follow the D680 towards Salers. Between Néronne and Salers, visit the “Maison du Fromage, de la Vache et de la

Gentiane Salers” (the Salers Cheese, Cow and Gentian Museum).



Medieval city, classified among the Most Beautiful French Villages. You will discover its whole history.

You must do a guided visit.

• Take the D22, then the D229 in the direction of Saint-Bonnet-de-Salers.



Birthplace of the Salers bovine bread, visit the little dairy between 9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and other farms producing Cantal or Salers cheeses.

• Drive to Anglards on the road D22



Admire the superb Romanesque church from the 11th century (portal, porch) La Trémolière Castle.

Go to Saint-Vincent-de-Salers via the roads D212 and then  D12



Discover this little village surrounded by basalt columns. Its traditional architecture can be appreciated : a Romanesque church, a castle and a little bridge made in stone over the Mars river.

• Follow the D12 to Le Vaulmier.

Between Saint-Vincent and Le Vaulmier, go to the hamlet Outre. Park your car after crossing the Mars river, a

little path on your left is going to the mill of Outre (15 minutes there and back).



Take time for a round on the miniature golf along the Mars river.

• Follow the D12 to Le Falgoux, take the D63 on the left to the Col d’Aulac where you can enjoy the view down the valley. Go to the archeological site of Cotteughes and come back down the valley.



Situated at the bottom of the m o u n t a i n s , enjoy the cirque of Mars.

• Follow the D12, then take the D680 to the Pas de Peyrols - (the highest road pass in Auvergne - 1558 m). Climb up the Puy Mary (1787 m) to enjoy the view across the Cantal mountains and the Sancy mountains (panoramic

table at the top).

• Go back towards Salers on the D680. From the Col de Néronne (1241) you will discover the Maronne valley and the Puy Violent (1592 m); carry on along the D680 to Salers.